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WABA Global Breastfeeding Quilt

Participant List

No. of Countries : 20
No. of Organizations : 38
No. of Panels received : 68

Block Panel Preview Title Country Name Organisation
1 1 View The Graced Garden - everlasting, hopeful and graceful garden of WBW. India Dr. Jayant Vagha Indian Academy of Pediatrics
1 2 View "Chalo Penang" - let's all unite in Penang India Dr. Jayant Vagha/Dr. Siddharth Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI)
1 3 View It's Magic Malaysia Katherine Houng WABA
1 4 View By Breastfeeding, you give the best of yourself, and your family Mexico Carolina Quintana De Oropeza Magenta Educacion Perinatal
1 5 View Malaysia WABA
1 6 View Malaysia Penang State
1 7 View Malaysia Jennifer Mourin WABA
1 8 View Breastfeeding:Empowering Women Thailand Meena Sobsamai Childbirth&Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand
1 9 View Breast Milk is the Best Malaysia Lactation Unit Lactation Unit of Hospital Seberang Jaya, Penang
2 1 View Breastfed Grandchildren USA La Leche League,
2 2 View Kuwait Breastfeeding Promotion Committee Logo Kuwait Dr Mona Alsumaie Kuwait Breastfeeding Promotion Committee
2 3 View La Leche League Luxembourg Luxembourg La Leche League
2 4 View Grown with LLL Love USA Pat Young for Robbi Albert Jones La Leche League of Glassboro Group
2 5 View Breastfeeding in Devon UK Dani Buckingham Milkyway Mummies, Tiverton Breastfeeding Peer Supporters
2 6 View Breastfeeding Dolls Greece Themis Zachou "The Friends of Breastfeeding "
2 7 View Breastfeeding -Going Natural Malaysia WABA
2 8 View Montreal Breastfeeding Challenge Canada Mejab Shaick CRAM
2 9 View Building the future with LLL USA Pat Young for Judith Gilbert La Leche League
3 1 View Celebrate Adoptive Breastfeeding USA La Leche League
3 2 View Front of a World Walk Tee Shirt USA La Leche League
3 3 View Baby in arms USA La Leche League
3 4 View Reaching out to the world USA Rebecca S La Leche League
3 5 View A mother's love changes the world one baby at at time USA La Leche League
3 6 View Mother's love USA Val G. La Leche League
3 7 View USA Pat Young Glassboro Group of LLL
3 8 View Breastfeeding is best USA Karen Woods LLL of Canada
3 9 View LLL Love USA Mary Francell La Leche League
4 1 View Hirkani's Room India Dr. Alka Kuthe BPNI Maharashtra
4 2 View LLL Love 1956 - 2006 USA LLLI
4 3 View Breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere Quebec Mouvement Allaitement of Quebec Mouvement Allaitement of Quebec
4 4 View Baby Nursing USA Lauren Barrett LLLI
4 5 View Hirkani Initiative India Mrs Dipti Paraq Shah BPNI Maharashtra
4 6 View Breast Crawl India Dr. Prashant Gangal BPNI Maharashtra
4 7 View Mother to mother Love USA LLLI
4 8 View Gender component of breastfeeding India Dr. Kamaki Bhate BPNI Maharashtra
4 9 View Breastfeeding - A mythological fact India Dr. Asha Benakappa Lactation Helpline
5 1 View Boomerangs Parenting Programme Circle of Security - provides emotional support and guidance to indigenous parents.Combines existing parenting technique with ancient wisdom of Australian Aboriginal cultures. Australia Saw Cheng Strong In Memory of Sr. Alison Bush(Aborginal Liason Midwife)
5 2 View IBFAN Arab World -with Arabic letters Switzerland Nahed Ismail IBFAN Arab World{IAW)
5 3 View Breastfeeding is the Best and all related issues can be overcome if we work together hand-in hand. Malaysia Vasumathi Muthuramu Mother-to-Mother Peer Support
5 4 View Expressing breastmilk in a cup. Uganda Kyamulabi J Breastfeeding Awareness Trust
5 5 View Guatemala Mimi Maza LLL Guatemala
5 6 View 30th years of mother group-the flowers-our happiness 1980-2010,bringing people together Brazil Amigas do Peito
5 7 View Taiwan Academy of Breastfeeding-logo is the shape of our country. On it is a mother breastfeeding her baby. Taiwan Taiwan Academy of Breastfeeding
5 8 View Breastfeeding support in Paraquay-shows all the different organizations working to promote,protect and support breastfeeding in Paraguay Paraquay Pushpa V. Panadam PARHUPAR/LLL Paraquay
5 9 View Amamentacao na primeira hora protecao sem demora Brazil Aluno do Cetap Familia Colohata Oficina Educatina.
6 1 View The power of mothers -The Group Support in Brazil Brazil Matrice Group Support Mother
6 2 View Supplementation Unmasked-God has not made cow's and buffalo's milk for human India Swati M. Temkar BPNI Maharashtra
6 3 View Indonesian Breastfeeding Center Logo Indonesia Dr. Utami Roesli Indonesian Breastfeeding Center
6 4 View Amamente - Worldbreastfeeding Week Campaign 2010 poster Brazil Regina Da Silva Ministerio da Saude/Brazil
6 5 View Art of breastfeeding Penang,Malaysia B. Sakundala
6 6 View Celebrating 20 years Brazil Grupo Familia Colchete Educando Para O Asleitamento Materno 1990 - 2010 - 20 anos
6 7 View Symbol of the Brazilian Human Milk Bank Network Brazil Regina Da Silva Rede Brasileira de Bancos de Leite Humana
6 8 View One Million Campaign India Amit, Veena & Preeti BPNI
6 9 View Indonesian Breastfeeding Center Logo Indonesia Dr. Utami Roesli Indonesian Breastfeeding Center
7 1 View Initiation of Breastfeeding in a Caesarean Delivery India Swati M. Temkar BPNI Maharashtra
7 2 View Divinity-Newborn baby has only 3 demands -warmth in the mothers arm,Food from the breast, and knowledge of her presence. India Steffi Jenifer Quadras Father Muller College of Nursing
7 3 View Flor do Sul -Leite Materno Suprimento da Vida e do Amor! Panel with doll breastfeeding Brazil Jane Gutierrez Flor do Sul
7 4 View Community Based Programme-Breastfeeding Intervention in the Community Brazil Regina D Silva "Women's and Children's Health"
7 5 View Panel with colour flowers, with breast in the middle of each flower. Brazil Jane Gutierrez Flor do Sul
7 6 View Symbol of Ibero American Human Milk Bank Network Brazil Regina Da Silva Rede Iberroamericana de Bancos de Leite Humano
7 7 View Santos and Region Brestfeeding Net -One Thousand Mothr Breastfeeding together Brazil Regina Da Silva Santos and Regional Breastfeeding Net Lactation Center of Santos
7 8 View Lotus Flower typical ancient egyptian motive with ELCA logo. Egypt Dr. Ghanda Sayed Egyptian Lactation Consultant Association
7 9 View Mother to mother support USA LLL 50th Anniversary

The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) is a global network of individuals and organisations concerned with the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding worldwide. WABA action is based on the Innocenti Declaration, the Ten Links for Nurturing the Future and the Global Strategy for Infant & Young Child Feeding. Its core partners are IBFAN, LLLI, ILCA, Wellstart International and ABM. Find out more at the WABA.